Boutique La Gaillarde

The respect of the ecology and the environment is everywhere nowadays. Either in the Medias, at work or in our homes…

The ecological trend is even in our wardrobe. Indeed, after the ecological shoes of Gisele Bundchen, here is the boutique La Gaillarde !

This boutique offers a quantity of eco friendly clothing and accessories. The mission of the boutique La Gaillarde is to offer ethical, ecological, practical and trendy cloths to her customers by promoting the local talents of our designers and to contribute to the economy of their neighbourhood (St-Henri, Montreal).

They advocate the reutilisation of cloths so don’t hesitate to go drop off the cloths you don’t wear anymore. You can also bring them practically anything. You can join them at (514) 989-5134.

The boutique La Gaillarde also offers you sewing lessons and they make every month a free fashion show. You will find more information about them on their website.

Congratulations to the boutique La Gaillarde for this initiative !

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