Buy an artificial or natural Christmas tree ?

Buy an artificial or natural Christmas tree… That is the question !Buy an artificial or natural Christmas tree

Is it preferable to buy an artificial or natural Christmas tree ?

What is for sure is that a natural Christmas tree smells really nice in our home !

That wonderful smell gives to our home an intimate and comforting fell. The odour of a Christmas tree start the holiday the mood.

However, you must get a Beaumier fir-tree.

It is the type that sod off that delicate smell.

So, let’s get back to our question, on a purely ecological aspect, what choice should we make ? The answer is not that simple. They are of course many facts to consider.

Recent studies show the different aspects that you have to consider in this complex equation.

In the right corner, the natural Christmas tree : while growing up, he will absorb the different components of the (CO2). If, afterwards, people get rid of it adequately, for example by using the selective collect, the fir-tree is then recuperated. In some municipalities, the trees are recycled as mulch that the cities then use in their flowerbeds. The local cultivation of the natural fir-tree also creates local jobs.

In the left corner, the artificial Christmas tree bought in a store. This one is generally created with essence residues. When he is thrown in the garbage, generally every 5 or 6 years, he will go and pollute the waste ward. Those great artificial Christmas trees are usually made in China. So, they have to be transported and go across the ocean. This creates some pollution. The jobs are not local and the transportation is harmful and polluting.

So, if we take in all the aspects, the natural Christmas tree wins it all mostly because of his warming feeling and other advantages.

Hurray for Christmas !
Hurray for natural Christmas trees !

Merry Christmas !

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