Installation of a time-switch

In order to save energy and money, get yourself and install time-switches anywhere you can, inside or outside your house. In the summer,Installation of a time-switch as soon as you start up your pool, the installation of a time-switch is a must.

Pool filters don’t need to work 24hours per day. Furthermore, stopping your filter will allow you to relax in your own backward, pool or spa! And if you sleep with your windows open, you will sleep better !

When it is the Holidays, while you put on your lights and Christmas decoration, don’t forget to install a time-switch. This rule is good for all the interior and exterior decorations. It is also valid for your Christmas tree.

You ca also install a time-switch for your vehicle’s motor block-heater, in winter time of course. Between 4 and 6 hours of heating is enough.

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