Thermostat allocation

In order to save energy, it is important to install digital thermostats everywhere you can in the house.Thermostat allocation

It is known… old thermostats “mechanical” don’t allow maintaining a constant temperature and they are more expensive in heating. The results are an unnecessary higher bill and a waste of energy with is harmful for the planet.

Furthermore, in the province of Quebec, there is actually allocation to refund a portion of the cost of the acquisition of digital thermostats. As well take the opportunity to save money and energy.

The allocation programme is manage by : Hydro Québec.

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How to save on hot water

When you wash your hands, reduce the water flow… Start by opening the cold water. Then, when you will rinse your hands, open the hotHow to save on hot water water.

When you take your shower, stop the water with a switch while you soap your hair and body…

Now, most of the washing liquids are effective with cold water. So wash your clothes with cold water !

Furthermore, if you are the type of person that rinses your glass and plates before to put them in the dishwasher, do it with cold water.

The water heating is one of the biggest wastes of energy in a house. All needs are good to try and diminish our consummation and save money, but also in order to save energy for our lovely planet.

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Installation of a time-switch

In order to save energy and money, get yourself and install time-switches anywhere you can, inside or outside your house. In the summer,Installation of a time-switch as soon as you start up your pool, the installation of a time-switch is a must.

Pool filters don’t need to work 24hours per day. Furthermore, stopping your filter will allow you to relax in your own backward, pool or spa! And if you sleep with your windows open, you will sleep better !

When it is the Holidays, while you put on your lights and Christmas decoration, don’t forget to install a time-switch. This rule is good for all the interior and exterior decorations. It is also valid for your Christmas tree.

You ca also install a time-switch for your vehicle’s motor block-heater, in winter time of course. Between 4 and 6 hours of heating is enough.

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Green advice to remove a patch of grass

Your little guy back in the park with the green knees? In fact, with your knees while green pants? Here’s a Green advice to remove a patch of grasslittle trick to overcome the green patches summer …

The little green thing to remove a patch of grass is simply to use an old toothbrush and scrub the stain of grass with plasticine teeth. Rub the stain green with a circular motion.

Remove excess foam, tooth paste, and repeat if necessary. Still without adding water. When the result seems convincing, rinse with water.

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Boutique La Gaillarde

The respect of the ecology and the environment is everywhere nowadays. Either in the Medias, at work or in our homes…

The ecological trend is even in our wardrobe. Indeed, after the ecological shoes of Gisele Bundchen, here is the boutique La Gaillarde !

This boutique offers a quantity of eco friendly clothing and accessories. The mission of the boutique La Gaillarde is to offer ethical, ecological, practical and trendy cloths to her customers by promoting the local talents of our designers and to contribute to the economy of their neighbourhood (St-Henri, Montreal).

They advocate the reutilisation of cloths so don’t hesitate to go drop off the cloths you don’t wear anymore. You can also bring them practically anything. You can join them at (514) 989-5134.

The boutique La Gaillarde also offers you sewing lessons and they make every month a free fashion show. You will find more information about them on their website.

Congratulations to the boutique La Gaillarde for this initiative !

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Ikea car

In a time where we need to diminish what we consummate, Ikea offers an interesting solution… With the Ikea car, you can contribute toIkea car reduce the global warming. Indeed, the Ikea car, that you assemble at home, with his reduced packing, allows a notable reduction of the toxically emanations… There is also a non-negligible benefit because of the reduction of the assembly factories that needs a lot of electricity.

We recommend, if you are quit crafty and dexterous, the Ikea car kit.

Please note : you will probably need a truck to transport the box of the Ikea car… the box is a bit bulky !

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Why change the shower-head

Changing the shower-head for a shower-head with a reduce debit will reduce the quantity of hot water used. And hot water is pricy !Why change the shower-head

So why so many people delay or refuse to do so ?

It is pretty easy to change the shower-head. If you are not at ease, ask an expert at your local hardware store.

Stop asking yourself why to change the shower-head and act now !

For a 4 person family that takes a daily shower, the savings are significant. So imagine the savings on drinkable water and energy for the society and the planet !

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Recycling rip off

Citizens, those poor consumers, are called, with the help of brainwashing type publicities, to take the responsibility for recycling. Either,Recycling rip off citizens are asking for it… People want to be very responsible towards their planet. They want their government to be as well. Just like municipalities and businesses.

But all of this has a cost. What is that cost ? Nobody knows, and nobody really wants to know! Why ? Because the recycling calculus is very complex. And we are not sure that we want to know ! Here is the recycling rip off working… let me elaborate… Continue reading

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Changing light bulbs

When you leave a room, close the lights !Changing light bulbs
When you leave your house, close the lights other then the presence lights.
When you get to sleep, close the lights in the house and also the exterior lights.

Changing, in the house anywhere where there is a big lightning, the light bulbs for light bulbs of a smaller power (less of watts) is not necessary. For example, replacing the corridor 100 watts light bulbs for 60 Watts light bulbs. They need less power. You can also use graduated switch to minimise your using.

With many little actions like this one add up together, in one year, you will save some money and help the planet !

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Ecological shoes

This is how we love our artists! Pretty and taking responsibilities for the environment !Ecological shoes

Gisele Bundchen is a very pretty top model and allows wonderful pictures. But other then this, she started, some time ago already, to sell eco-friendly sandals for the Forest of the future project.

Those eco-friendly sandals are 100% recyclable and with the sell of each pair goes to the reforestation of the Brazilian forests. The goal is to reforest 15 hectares.

Those eco-friendly sandals our appropriate since they are now sold in Quebec.

Order a pair now on the website

Congratulations Gisele !

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