Green advice to remove a coffee stain

Green advice to remove a coffee stainWho has not escaped the coffee on his shirt or blouse on his work during a difficult morning …

It is certain that many people use the stick Tide & Go .. A nice little cocktail of toxic …

You can wait at home in the evening to clean the stain. Just use the trick of our ancestral grandmothers who have seen a multitude of stains of coffee before the invention of the stick Tide!

The trick to remove a green stain on coffee ets: you take an egg in your fridge and you separate the white from yellow. You just dilute a little yellow with warm water. Do not use boiling water, you do not want to cook the egg!

Rub the stain of coffee and quietly disappear like magic!

And you make a recipe or an omelette with white … 😉

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