Homemade insecticide

Green homemade insecticide

I like this easy to do homemade insecticide totaly Earth Friendly. Everyone says it but not everyone does it. Start today to respect nature in your own garden with this ecological homemade insecticide Moreover, if you like the pepper smell, you will be delighted.

Take your favourite pepper grinder with black peppercorns. Crushed coarsely until you obtained approximately 30 grams. During this time, boil 1 litre of water. Add the crushed pepper in your pot and let simmer a half an hour. Let cool then filter in order to preserve only the liquid.

Here is a repulsive mixture you can spray once in a while on the whole of your interior and external plants.

Homemade Insecticide

How to make an earth friendly insecticide?

Effective by contact on all the types of insect, this earth friendly homemade insecticide is very simple to make. However, the insects need to be touched by the liquid during the application. I strongly recommend you spray this solution outside the house or in your garage…

Take 4 litres of water at room temperature and dilute 30 ml of liquid dish soap. Right before spraying the mixture on the bugs, add and mix (without lathering) approximately 25 cl of alcohol at 70%.

When you are done with the application, wait a few minutes then rinse your plants in order to not let dry the product. Don't let the homemade insecticide dry; some of your plants may be damaged.

More importantly, do not apply this product in full sun… wait for a cloudy day or better, spray in the evening when the sun is low.

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