How to get rid of white grubs

How to get rid of the white grubs?

There is unfortunately no miracle solution. And as opposed to what many landscaping contractors tell you, well few products are really effective. The main reason is that this insect has a three cycles life. The first cycle is when the egg hatches in small larva. At this time, the insect is at its detrimental potential maximum but also of vulnerability. The larva grows in beautiful large white grubs of the size of the first phalange of the little finger. In this state, the worm carries out much devastation by eating of roots of the grass. how to get rid of white grubs

How to get rid of white grubs

Into second phase, the white grub transforms itself in a sort of cocoon called chrysalis. It remains in there some time and is practically fully protected from its nematodes parasites and insecticides.

Then the insect emerges from it in its adult state: the chafer. This insect is sometimes confused with the June beetle. But it's not the same insect. The June beetle is a little larger and black, the chafer is brown.

Chafers can fly. At reproduction time, from end of June to the beginning of July, they gather around trees at half-light, mainly if there is a source of light nearby. It is one of the reasons for which the grass is often more attacked under the trees. During this period, try to keep your outdoor lights off.

There are very effective insecticides against the propagation of white grubs. Merit or Sevin does excellent work in this area. However, more and more municipalities prohibited the use of toxic insecticidal products on their territory. Consequently, the major infestations are increasingly widespread. Grass increasingly devastated. It is particularly the case in all the hereabouts of Montreal, including Laval and Montérégie.

The cities touched in Montérégie, on different levels of infestation, include Boucherville, Brossard, Candiac, Delson, La Prairie, St-Constant, Ste-Catherine, Ste-Julie and St-Lambert.

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