How to make compost


It is very popular to make compost for several reasons. On one hand people think green, on the other hand, it is not very complicated. Thus, by giving ourselves good conscience, it is possible in a few steps, to obtain a raw material of excellent quality, clear of cost, in order to enrich our gardens and lawn.
It is important though to know how to make compost!

How to make compost

In the next lines, we will present you the various ways of creating your own compost and we will share a few tricks.

Firstly, it is good to know that it is possible of not only composting in conventional composter (house composting), but also to compost directly in your garden without box (surface composting).

If your compost spot starts to smell bad, it needs to be mix a little in order to aerate it. You can also add some jagged autumn leaves or other dry materials (black ink newspaper) to it.

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